Lucía Rey Trio (en)

Lucía Rey Trío


22:00 h. Castillo de Santa Catalina

Trio led by Lucía Rey, pianist and composer, who fuses different styles (Flamenco, Latin jazz, Blues) from a perspective of Contemporary Jazz. In her album “Reflexion” Lucía Rey’s creations stand out for their rhythm, subtlety, passion and magic, together with a mestizo sensibility that encompasses styles and sources of inspiration from a wide variety of origins, from classical music to more innovative pop. In a very short time this project has become part of the circuits, festivals and most important halls of Spain, being now in full internationalization between Europe and America.

The public can perceive in each direct, the creative freedom that the trio grants each other in their unique and unrepeatable improvisations.


Lucia Rey

Multifaceted artist, pianist and composer, leaving the Superior Conservatory of Madrid, specialized in modern music, Latin piano and Jazz in Cuba, and later in New York where he studied with professors such as Bruce Barth, Barry Harris, Bob Quaranta and where he worked as a pianist in different projects of the New York scene.

He has worked in musicals on Gran Vía de Madrid as a pianist and cover of the musical direction of “Hoy no me puedo Levantar” and “A quien se importa”, and with great artists from the national and international scene.
He currently leads his project to Trio with which he presents his album “Reflexion”, whose creations stand out for their rhythm, subtlety, passion and magic, together with a mestizo sensibility that includes styles and sources of inspiration from a wide variety of sources (Flamenco, Latin jazz , Classical, Blues) from a perspective of Contemporary Jazz.

In a very short time this project has become part of the circuits, festivals and most important halls of Spain, being now in full internationalization between Europe and America.

The public can perceive in each direct, the creative freedom that the trio grants each other in their unique and unrepeatable improvisations.




Lucía Rey, piano
Michael Olivera, drums
Ander García, doublebass



Raynald Colom (en)



22:00 h. Castillo de Santa Catalina

Raynald Colom presents his new album ‘The Barcelona Session’ after a record silence of 7 years as leader. The official release of the album (recorded live in Barcelona along with great musicians referents of the international scene: Danny Grissett, Joe Sanders, Gregory Hutchinson and Lluc Casares) was this past April 5.

In ‘The Barcelona Session’ Colom plays, precisely, to consider all the possibilities that this city gives: to live, to feel the Mediterranean streets of lines and circles, to get lost and to find oneself in them too. Then the abstraction is drunk to later earth it. You hear the firm steps of inquiry, of emotion, of love, of knowledge. The lights and shadows of this sound of continuous metamorphosis are chiselled. And it is that in the words of Colom himself, “the selection of themes becomes a sound trip for” my Barcelona “.

Suddenly, a stop, a look to the sky. A skateboard that goes by and the classic flavor that graffiti the new. Bridges are created (Interludi 1), we wander through the streets in our own whispers (My own) and after a while we run between jumps and schizophrenias of the city itself (Powder). Calm comes, too, in “The Barcelona Session”. With Peacocks (by Jimmy Rowles) the end of another principle is rekindled. One of Colom’s favorite ballads that directly associates with hope: one could then draw the night without being seen, only being listened to.

The Barcelona Session oscillates between a beginning and an end that does not really exist. In this sound-emotional map the flight rises and in the sky truths are reaffirmed.


Considered one of the greatest exponents of Spanish jazz. Colom has been collecting recognition for some time. Between 2001 and 2005 the association of jazz musicians and modern music has recognized it as a voice of Catalan jazz. He has been awarded the Enderrock Prize in 2005 for the best jazz album and most recently the Puig-Porret prize for the best artist dels “Països catalans”. Spoiled by the specialized press, Colom has long frequented the European stages accompanied by Mark Aanderud, Tom Warburton and Marc Ayza. For this concert, the trumpet prepares a tour of some of its most emblematic themes.


– Teaser ’The Barcelona Session’:
– Single ‘Powder Keg’:
– Single ‘Sketches:
Instagram: @ray_colom



Raynald Colom, trumpet
Juan Sebastián, Fender Rhodes/piano
Paco Charlín, doubblebass
Michael Oliveira, drums


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22:00 h. Castillo de Santa Catalina



Internationally acclaimed and respected worldwide, saxophonist and composer Jure Pukl presents his new album DOUBTLESS. This is a rare record of double tenor sax with Pukl and Chilean saxophonist Melissa Aldana, winner of Thelonious Monk Competition 2013. The rhythm is carried by two world-class artists: bassist Joe Sanders and drummer Gregory Hutchinson. In a completely acoustic environment without a harmonic instrument, with a small production that is associated with the late fifties and early sixties, Pukl evokes at this time the sound of the old Ornette Coleman. On the other hand, in the arrangements and approaches of the solos, the saxophonist born in Slovenia and settled in New York is an unmistakable musician of the 21st century and his ludic and strong tone with Aldana form a universal character. The values ​​of jazz and improvised music: a combination of deep sound, virtuosity, harmonic and rhythmic creativity.

From Chile we get a prepared food sound of advanced forms spurred by intense discharges of bebop. With four albums to his credit, a solid background acquired at Berkley College, and very diverse incursions into European stages, the saxophonist Melissa Aldana is another of the important names that this year show merits in the section that JAZZMADRID, implicitly, devotes to ejazzen each of its editions.

Melissa Aldana has pedigree. She is the daughter of the also tenorsaxophonist Marcos Aldana and disciple of Joe Lovano, Greg Osby and Ralph Peterson, among others. This tenorsaxophonist competes, from Chile, her homeland, with colleagues like Ingrid Laubrock or Jane Bunnett. The luck: to have fallen grace to the Panamanian pianist Danilo Pérez, who knew how to place her on the launching pad of popularity, inviting her to participate in the jazz festival of his country.

A Free Fall, his first album of 2010, followed him in 2012 Second cycle, and in 2014 Melissa Aldana & Crash Trio. Last year published Back Home, work whose compositions now comes to present among us. On the agenda there is a sound prepared food with advanced forms spurred by intense discharges of bebop. And all this resolved in that attractive format of trio without piano, of which Sonny Rollins, the hero of Melissa, was always outstanding representative.




Jure Pulk, tenor sax

Melissa Aldana, tenor sax

Joe Sanders, doubblebass

Gregory Hutchinson, drums


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22:00 h. Castillo de Santa Catalina

The Sant Andreu Jazz Band is an association for the transmission and dissemination of Jazz music and the musical growth of children and young people who are members of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band. 13 years of illusion and magical results recorded in 9 CD-DVD recordings and 12 albums that emerged in the “Joan Chamorro Presents” collection, starring members of the Sant Andreu jazz band: Andrea Motis, Eva Fernandez, Magali Datzira, Rita Payes, Marc Martin, the project the magic of the veu, Joan Mar Sauqué, Èlia Bastida, Joan Codina, Alba Armengou and Carla Motis, representative of the more than 50 young people between 7 and 20 years old that has gone through the orchestra .

They have starred in the documentary “A film about kids and music” by director Ramon Tort and awarded worldwide,

They have performed in such venues as the Palau de la Música in Barcelona, ​​the Licel, the Auditorium in Barcelona and have taken their music to national and international festivals such as: Switzerland, Stockholm, Italy, Marciac, Torreilles, Châteauneuf-du-Faou’s, Aix En provence, Muel, Xavia, Teulada and a long etcetera

They have been accompanied by jazz greats such as saxophonists Scott Hamilton, Perico Sambeat, Dick Oatts, Jesse Davis, Scott Robinson, Luigi Grasso, Joel Frahm, trumpeters Terell Stafford, Jon-Erik Kelsso, Ricard Gili, Josep Maria Farras, Fredrik Norén , Joe Magnarelli, trombonists John Allred, Wycliffe Gordon, Toni Belenguer, clarinetists Bobby Gordon and Kent Peploswky and their regular collaborators Ignasi Terraza, Josep Traver and Esteve Pi.

The Sant Andreu Jazz Band is a non-profit organization born from the educational project of the band of the same name: a jazz orchestra for which more than 60 musicians from six to twenty years old, led by the musician and pedagogue Joan Chamorro ..
The history of the pedagogical project of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band is that of a success that has been simmered, after 13 years of work, without haste or great ambitions, which now aims to go further with the 6th edition of the Jazzing-Festival of Jazz of Sant Andreu and the Jazz House, where the rehearsals and some of the recordings with the invited artists of the national and international scene take place.



Saxophonist, clarinetist and double bassist. Founder and director of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band. It is part of the Big Band of Taller de Músics. He collaborates with the Big Band of Bellaterra, The Big Band by John Dubuclet, the Big Band Jazz Terrassa, Perico Sambeat Bigband, the supercombo of Eladio Reinon-Tete Montoliu, Orquesta de Radio Televisión Española, accompanies Manhattan Transfer and Steve Wonder etc. in several projects with the Orchestra of the Free Theater. For a year he collaborated with the theater group “Els Comediants” with whom he performed at festivals in cities such as New York, Santiago de Chile, Paris, Venice. It plays in the majority of the country’s festivals as well as festivals in France, Germany, Poland, England, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, South Africa, Brazil and a long etc.

He has worked with renowned musicians such as: Slide Hampton, Scott Robinson, Jon Allred, Tete Montoliu, Frank Foster, Gary Smulyan, Dick Oatts, Bebo Valdes, Ralf Lalama, Nicholas Payton, Teddy Edwards, Frank Wess, Jessy Davis, Dennis Rowland , J. Maria Farras, Perico Sambeat, Lluís Vidal, Randy Brecker, Carmen Lundy, David Mengual, David Xirgu, Mike P. Mossman, John Mosca, Bart Van Lier, David Allen, Bobby Shew, Judy Niemack, Lew Tabak etc.

It has more than 20 Cd’s produced and made by himself. 8 Volumes of his Jazzzing Collection as director of the SAJB and more than 50 national and international albums as sideman. He has a film with the SAJB “A film about kids and music” (Ramon Tort address) that has been awarded to the best national musical documentary film has received 14 national and international awards. However, he has won numerous prizes and in many editions: JAÇ Awards, Arco de la Música Awards, Enderrock Awards, Altavoz Awards, etc.
Sant Andreu Jazz Band Training




Conduction: Joan Chamorro
Koldo Munné: alto sax
Nil Galgo: alto sax and clarinet
Alba Esteban: bariton sax, clarinet and voice
Marçal Perramon: tenor sax and clarinet
Joan Martí: tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax , flute and voice.
Joana Casanova: alto sax and voice.
Èlia Bastida: violin, tenor sax and voice.
Elsa Armengou: voice and trumpet
Víctor Carrascosa: trumpet
Alba Armengou: trumpet, alto sax and voice.
Joan M. Sauqué: trumpet
Max Munné: trumpet
Noa Galgo: trumpet
Max Tato: trombone
Joan Codina: trombone
Carla Motis: guitar and voice.
Jan Domènech: piano
Simón Palazzi: piano
Ton Felices: doubblebass
Miquel Casanova: doubblebass
Pablo Ruiz: drums



TRUBADOR has already created a stir in the world of music. Miron’s long-awaited debut, although deeply rooted in the jazz tradition, perfectly combines other styles of music ranging from Afro-Cuban rhythms to Arabic, Balkan and flamenco music. His compositions flow melodically and the level of musicality and improvisation in this album are at a very high level.

‘My music is a mixture of everything that has influenced me throughout my life. My compositions are not filtered by a style, a genre or a tradition, but rather by my own ear and taste, with the hope of fusing beautiful melodies, be they simple or complex, with rich and elegant harmonies. I am trying to deepen and touch any listener with an open mind and ear, always maintaining a high level of respect for the art of music. ‘

Miron has the pleasure of having as guest artists on the album landmarks of the flamenco world such as JORGE PARDO on the flute, ANTONIO SERRANO on the harmonica and ISRAEL SUAREZ PIRAÑA on the cajón, the three known for their collaborations with the great PACO DE LUCÍA.



Miron Rafajlovic

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia), when he was 8 years old, he began to study classical guitar and due to the civil war in the 90’s his exodus began. He takes refuge first in Croazia where he starts playing the trumpet and then in Canada where he finishes two years of university degree doing his specialization in jazz. With 25 years old he is hired by Cirque du Soleil for the trumpeter and guitarist position in the KOOZA show. During his 8 years together with the circus, he performs in more than 40 cities in North America, Asia and Europe with more than 2000 performances under his belt.

In addition to his participation in Cirque du Soleil, Miron has performed at some of the most important jazz festivals in the world, such as North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam, ELBJAZZ in Hamburg, Montreal Jazz Festival and Sarajevo Jazz Festi, to name a few.

More recently, Mirón was the trumpeter of Delirium Tremens from the Rosario album La Tremendita that has been nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Flamenco Album of the year 2018.

Established in Madrid for 4 years, he has worked with the biggest names in the Spanish music scene in genres ranging from jazz and Afro-Cuban music to flamenco and pop.




Ariel Bringuez, tenor sax

Miron Rafajlovic, trumpet

Daniel García, piano

Toño Miguel, doubblebass

Shayan Fathi, drums


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