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22:00 h. Castillo de Santa Catalina

Raynald Colom presents his new album ‘The Barcelona Session’ after a record silence of 7 years as leader. The official release of the album (recorded live in Barcelona along with great musicians referents of the international scene: Danny Grissett, Joe Sanders, Gregory Hutchinson and Lluc Casares) was this past April 5.

In ‘The Barcelona Session’ Colom plays, precisely, to consider all the possibilities that this city gives: to live, to feel the Mediterranean streets of lines and circles, to get lost and to find oneself in them too. Then the abstraction is drunk to later earth it. You hear the firm steps of inquiry, of emotion, of love, of knowledge. The lights and shadows of this sound of continuous metamorphosis are chiselled. And it is that in the words of Colom himself, “the selection of themes becomes a sound trip for” my Barcelona “.

Suddenly, a stop, a look to the sky. A skateboard that goes by and the classic flavor that graffiti the new. Bridges are created (Interludi 1), we wander through the streets in our own whispers (My own) and after a while we run between jumps and schizophrenias of the city itself (Powder). Calm comes, too, in “The Barcelona Session”. With Peacocks (by Jimmy Rowles) the end of another principle is rekindled. One of Colom’s favorite ballads that directly associates with hope: one could then draw the night without being seen, only being listened to.

The Barcelona Session oscillates between a beginning and an end that does not really exist. In this sound-emotional map the flight rises and in the sky truths are reaffirmed.


Considered one of the greatest exponents of Spanish jazz. Colom has been collecting recognition for some time. Between 2001 and 2005 the association of jazz musicians and modern music has recognized it as a voice of Catalan jazz. He has been awarded the Enderrock Prize in 2005 for the best jazz album and most recently the Puig-Porret prize for the best artist dels “Països catalans”. Spoiled by the specialized press, Colom has long frequented the European stages accompanied by Mark Aanderud, Tom Warburton and Marc Ayza. For this concert, the trumpet prepares a tour of some of its most emblematic themes.
web: www.raynaldcolom.net


– Teaser ’The Barcelona Session’: https://youtu.be/MlFAeRxkV1c
– Single ‘Powder Keg’: https://youtu.be/OMULZecH3Nw
– Single ‘Sketches: https://youtu.be/ZOYskWTtJvQ
Instagram: @ray_colom



Raynald Colom, trumpet
Juan Sebastián, Fender Rhodes/piano
Paco Charlín, doubblebass
Michael Oliveira, drums


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