22/07/2022 - 22:00
Baluarte de Candelaria
The carnival of the animals
Cádiz inside a jazz orchestra

Carmelo Muriel - Flute / Alto Saxophone
Pedro Cortejosa - Tenor Saxophone / Flute
Carlos Ligero - Alto sax
Adriana Calvo Anillo - Alto sax
Jesús Núñez - Baritone Saxophone
Carlos Villoslada - Tenor Saxophone
Miguel López - Baritone Saxophone / Keyboard
Lipi Calvo - Trumpet
Esther Fernández - Trumpet
Julián Sánchez - Trumpet
Pablo Castillo Gómez - Trumpet
Alejandra Artiel - Trumpet
Miguel Barrones - Trombone
Luis Balaguer - Guitar
Nono García - Guitar
Javier Galiana - Piano
Juan G. Galiardo - Piano
Javier Bermúdez - Bajo Eléctrico / Trombón
Alejandro Tamayo - Double Bass
José López - Double Bass
Juan Sainz - Drums
Malick Mbengue - Percussion
David León, - Drums
Carlos Cortés - Percussion / Drums

Special co-production XV Aniversario Festival JazzCádiz, between Duo GLAMUR and Asociación Festival JazzCádiz.

This gathering of musicians from Cádiz in a project to adapt the score by Camille Saint-Saëns in a jazz style is an idea of the musicians Javier Galiana and Miguel López. The commitment, as in other projects of this artistic duo, is the presentation of a large format work for a large mixed ensemble, an orchestra created with the talent of the city and its surroundings for the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Jazz Festival of Cádiz, in a joint production proposal. It is a meeting because the project calls for the return, punctually at least, to their city of so many jazz figures who are now regulars on the scenes of cities like Madrid, Amsterdam, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Malaga, Seville or Granada, to name a few, and that in this way they return and contribute what they have lived outside our walls. The choice of “The Carnival of the Animals” also has the double intention of demonstrating that we are capable of undertaking serious and complex work, as well as of associating “other” carnivals with the city, another collective festival of universal brilliance.

G.L.A.M.U.R. (Galiana-López Universal Musical Arrangements Reunited)

The association of these two musicians arises in the surroundings of the Cádiz scene. The first project that “La Sonora por Cádiz” tackled together for the Sonora Big Band in 2005 was the starting point for the work for large format or medium format such as the recordings of the Andalucía Big Banda (“Suite Trafalgar”, Rizoma Records , 2017) or the Wise Guys Octet (“The Magi Are Coming Again”, Blue Asteroid Records, 2018). Both share a universalist vision of discourse, playful and exploratory work, and a foot in Cadiz culture through carnival or flamenco, as well as its many other artistic exponents. With this new company, the GLAMUR duo consolidates an effort to publicize its universal vision of Cadiz.


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