15/07/2022 - 22:00
Roof of the Hotel Las Cortes (Cádiz center)
Alice Tamariz

Alicia Tamariz - Voice and piano


Ticket €5 – Available at Hotel Las Cortes from July 1 at the same hotel.

Alicia gives birth to her first personal work, as a composer, pianist and singer, where she expresses her most essential needs: to create and share. The result is extremely sensitive and sincere music. A repertoire that is nourished by ingredients such as Brazilian music, Jazz and World Music.

A breath of fresh air. This is the feeling I have felt while enjoying and savoring each of the inspired songs that make up this beautiful first luminous album by Alicia Tamariz. Listening to such a choral work, so sincere and with such good taste by all the musicians on a first album as a leader is not something so common, and Alicia demonstrates all the attributes of a great artist who comes to give the best of herself , composing, singing and playing beautifully, with knowledge and feeling hand in hand. With the clear word and the inspired melody as a flag.

I hope that this album gives you a lot of joy and opens many doors for you, that you keep flying higher and higher, and that people can get to know and enjoy your art, your sensitivity and your voice, which is a true breath of fresh air. ´ Marco Mezquida (jazz musician)

Alice Tamariz

Alicia Tamariz studied at the Universidad Superior de Cádiz (Spain), and Évora (Portugal), in addition to studying with international professors in various Jazz seminars. Later, he began a musical journey of more than three years through much of Latin America, drinking from its rich folklore.

He continues his tour in Spain musically accompanying his father (Juan Tamariz) through innumerable auditoriums and theaters, bringing together valuable stage experiences.

He currently resides in Malaga, where he is part of the music scene, and since 2018 he has been teaching Piano-Jazz at the CAMM: Center for Modern Arts and Music in Malaga.

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