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KIDS CONCERT: ZOPLI2, Didactic Concert
24/07/2022 - 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
La Bomba Lecture Hall (University of Cádiz) Classroom 2. Limited capacity. Free admission by prior registration to the email info@festivaljazzcadiz.com


Educational and interactive concert based on world music through wind instruments. It integrates a varied repertoire of traditional themes from different folklores, interpreted with both classical instruments (transverse flutes and clarinets) and traditional ones made from recycled materials and everyday objects.

During the concert we will also learn to build some wind instruments with everyday materials and we will be able to make a joint musical collaboration among all. To participate in the activity of the workshop concert, attendees are asked to bring materials such as: old CD’s (3 per person), a roll-type tube of toilet paper or clothespins and an empty plastic bottle (for water or soft drinks). , of
detergent, etc.)

Clara Gallardo & Joaquín Sánchez – LINK

Clara Gallardo is a flutist trained in different artistic disciplines combining music, the arts
plastic arts and dance Joaquín Sánchez is a clarinetist and drummer for various conventional and unconventional instruments. collaborates with musicians and ensembles of various styles such as Jorge Pardo, Vientos Flamencos II, Llorens Barber, Alexa Khan, etc.

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