Eva Cortés

Crossing borders


22:00 h. Hotel Parador Atlántico

“My music is no more than a reflection of what my life has been up to now”

Eva Cortés, singer, lyricist and composer born in Honduras and raised in Seville, has a unique and convincing voice within the scene of jazz and creative music. His music lives up to its roots and looks to the future with depth and passion. Eva is considered a woman of today with the advantage of growing up in a multicultural environment where the musical experience prevailed since in her family there were singers, instrumentalists and music teachers.

The journey that Cortés began has crossed many paths: through his uncle he got to know the funk, soul and music of Motown and through his grandparents, the opera. His family left Honduras when Eva was 3 years old and settled in Triana for a few years and then to the outskirts where flamenco was part of every day. “Everyone hummed, I cooked with the radio and the windows open, the music in the South impregnates you.” Eva recorded her first demos at age 4, which led her to record the album “Cosas de niños” in 1980 with artists such as Miguel Bosé, Mocedades, Víctor Manuel and Ana Belén.

In 2000, Cortés settles in Madrid, where he develops his particular style observing, coinciding and collaborating with musicians such as Jerry González, Pepe Rivero, Antonio Serrano, Manuel Machado, among others. Six years later he traveled to Chile with a handful of original compositions and recorded his first album “Sola Contigo” (Lonely with You). Shortly after he moved to Paris where he finished mixing and mastering this work. The album was released in 2007 under the auspices of EMI.

Cortés made sure to put together an incomparable band and recorded his acclaimed “Like Water Between Fingers” in 2009, formed by original compositions except for the versions “You Do not Know What Love Is,” and ” La Vie En Rose. “The work was very well received and the press called Eva” rising star “” the new queen of Latin Jazz “.

Her place as “one of the most interesting composers and interpreters of the jazz scene in Spanish” was consolidated in 2010 with the launch, once again through Universal, of her highly recognized “The Sea of ​​My Life” (The Sea of my Life).

In 2012 he published his most ambitious project, a live recording (CD / DVD) “Jazz One Night with Eva Cortés in Madrid”. After touring Spain, France, Holland and New York, he created a great union and rapport with his band … The one that is created after traveling and sounding continuously for a long period of time. “Jazz One Night” is probably the most definitive portrait of Cortés to date. His latest work “In Bloom” will be published in the United States in February 2015 under the auspices of Truth Revolution Records.

CROSSING BORDERS is your seventh job as a leader. It presents a series of original songs and some classics of the Latin American repertoire, all wrapped in a Latin jazz atmosphere with flamenco echoes.

Crossing Borders was produced by Grammis 2018 nominated trombonist / arranger Doug Beavers and has featured musicians such as Robby Ameen, Luques Curtis, Pepe Rivero, Marvin Sewel, Jon Cowherd, Luisito Quintero and Christian McBride. recording.

Eva Cortés: voz

Alvaro Vieito: guitarra

Juan García: contrabajo

Nacho Medina: batería