Carmelo Muriel



22:00 h. Hotel Parador Atlántico

FLAMENCOLOGIE is a project of already expanded existence led by the flute player and saxophonist Carmelo Muriel. This proposal was conceived from the beginning with the intention of treating flamenco from the different contributions, which at a linguistic level, have been adding a lot of artists in recent years. These contributions have been not only formal or instrumental, but also at the repertoire level.

But in this question Flamencologie creates its repertoire starting from the cantes themselves, trying to expand the flamenco discourse and trying to escape through the multiple windows that are currently open for and for flamencos.

In all its existence this project has been formed with very different formations by which musicians from different backgrounds have passed, such as Nono García (guit.), Juan Sainz (bat.), Piet Verbist (cont.), Ana González (dance). , Jesús Helmo (dance), José Millán (cante), May Fernández (cante), Samara Montañéz (cante), Luis Balaguer (guit.), Carmen Jurado (violin), Pedro Domenech (vlnch.), Rafael Crespo (guit. ), Ale Benítez (bass), Kuki Santiago (dance), David Gavira (percussion) and a long etc. in addition to the training that we present today.

When music is approached from the personal prism, particular voices, own sounds and projects with personality arise. This is the case of these four musicians who are after a long trajectory of individual search, with projects that converge in the use of elements such as the popular repertoire, jazz improvisation and the language of flamenco.

The flute player and saxophonist Carmelo Muriel with a varied background that goes through the classical school, jazz music or flamenco, has collaborated with almost all the musicians of his environment (Antonio Toledo, Carlos Villoslada, Pedro Cortejosa, Javier Rubial, Chano Domínguez, Los Guapos, Trapecistas, Cai, Leo Power, Sonra Big Band, Niño la Leo, Toma Castaña, Juan Villar JR and a long etcetera) as well as leading their own project in “El jardín de las oranges” and “Flamencologie”.

Carmelo Muriel: flautas

Nono García: guitarra

Tito Alcedo: guitarra

Joan Massana: contrabajo